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The Python Eating a Man

The Python Eating a Man

The snake in these pictures is believed to be a Reticulated Python. They are the longest existing snake species. They are known to grow up to 10m in length and weigh 200kg.

Although their interactivity and beauty draws much attention, some feel they are unpredictable. Attacks are rare, but the species has been responsible for several human fatalities in both the wild and captivity. This species of snake is one of the few that have documented, but not verified, cases of eating people. Given maximum size, it is possible, although likely exceedingly rare.

The photos below are claimed to be of a man working on an oil rig who went into the jungle for a nap and this was the result. Are these photos for real? You decide.
reticulated python

man eating snake

snake eating a human
python eating a person

snake eating a man picture

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